Monday, May 6, 2013

Join Kalari Sangha for the Trip of a Lifetime

We invite you to join us for an adventure to India, one of the most deeply spiritual places on earth. With its devotional people, sacred rivers, mountains, and elaborate temples, the sacred surrounds the every day.  It is the birthplace of yoga,  kalari, and many forms of Eastern spirituality. 

Jennifer Ellen Mueller & Gerhard Schmid will guide you as we travel in the lush and ancient land of Kerala, the birthplace of Kalari and Ayurveda, to practice yoga, kalari, and experience the innate beauty of India. 

We will depart SLC on Friday, August 9th, and  arrive to the beautiful Ft. Cochin, where we will acclimate for a few days. In Cochin, we will practice yoga, visit temples and view historic sites and markets.

The next part of the trip, and the heart of the trip, will be to Kannur, to immerse in the ancient practice of Kalari, with our Gurukkal,  C.M. Sherif, Gurukkal. 

For nine days, we will practice Kalari twice daily, receive five days of Kalari massage, and enjoy the beautiful beach resort, Pranav. There will be training tracks for newer students, as well as experienced practitioners.

Finally, we will travel to the amazing Western Ghats of Kerala.* The Western Ghats or the Sahyādri constitute a mountain range along the western side of India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. 

In the Ghats, we will once again, practice yoga daily, visit forest and wildlife, and relax from our training as we begin the transition back home. 

We will depart India on the 23rd of August through Cochin, and arrive back in SLC on Sunday, August 25th.

*Rainy Season: We will be traveling to Kerala around monsoon time. This can be a challenge, or not! Here is some helpful information. PLEASE NOTE: If the weather is too bad to go to the Ghats (which would be very rare), we will stay in Kannur & keep training. This will not affect the price of the trip.

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